My name is Jenn. You came to my school today and did a presentation about suicide and how it is okay to ask for help.

My school is Margarite Barbour Collegiate Institute, The Pas, MB.

Your presentation was wonderful. It hit really close to home for me. I lost my boyfriend of two years to suicide, in Winnipeg. After he died I spent about a year and a half in deep depression. I wanted to die. I did not know about the Yellow Ribbon program, although i wish i did. It would have made things a hell of alot easier. Although I made it through on my own, I wish i could have had somebody to talk too. It would have helped me so much. I just wanted to tell you how much your presentation today meant to me. It is good to know that people care about others, especially in a world where there is so much violence and hatred.

I wrote a poem which was inspired by your presentation and i wanted to share it with you:

      If you need to talk
      Dont hesitate
      We'll go for a walk
      And sort out this hate

      Dont hold it in
      Just let it all out
      It isnt a sin
      If you need to shout

      I'll always open my ear
      I'll never walk away
      I'll forever be here
      For what you need to say

      I'll never turn my back
      To a person in need
      Stay together like a pack
      Friends are friends indeed

      When you need a friendly face
      Dial me up, I will come too
      Talk at your own pace
      Just remember Somebody loves you.

I dont expect a reply from you and ill understand if i dont get one, i just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you and your family. No one should have to understand the pain of losing someone they love to suicide, it is to much pain and i would never wish it on anyone.

The Yellow Ribbon organization is a beautiful thing. Keep up all the hard work. Believe me you are getting the message across and it is so good to finally hear it from somebody.

If you would like to use the poem in a presentation go right ahead. Its not all that good but it gets your message out, and poetry is the only way i can truely express myself.

So THANK YOU very much for all your hard work, caring and dedication. It is really paying off.

Thanks for your time,


   Jennifer Lynn Hillman