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Types of Presentations/Workshops

Be-A-Link® Gatekeeper Training:
(1.5 - 4 hours dependent upon group needs)
Offered to task force members, community members (adults, attempt survivors, parents), school administration and staff, members of police,fire, ems etc., school youth leaders, clergy, health care providers. (Anyone who regularly comes into contact with individuals or families in distress.)

This includes information of what to do if someone comes to you for help or if you suspect someone needs help.

  • Speakers share personal experience
  • Vital like skill of how to Be-A-Link® and Stay-Listen-Get Help!
  • What Yellow Ribbon is, how it started and how it provides a safe, effective progra
  • Warning signs/Risk Factors/Protective Factors
  • Myths & Facts
  • Strategies that help save lives
  • How to respond if someone needs your help!
  • How to talk to your own kids about suicide

Ask 4 Help® Presentations
(60 - 90 minutes)
Offered to youth grades 5 - 12, colleges, universities and seniors.
Speakers share personal experience, empowering the audience to learn to use a vital like skill. No one is left out, and no one is singled out. At this time, counselors must be present to screen and address immediate needs. It is important to give students time to debrief following a presentation; therefore, Yellow Ribbon presenters do not do presentations the last class period of the day.

Feedback has shown that (1)students do not flood counselors or school personnel, (2)cards are not left lying behind after the presentations and workshops and (3)youth value this honest, direct program and treat it with respect.


Barbara Lamoureux lost her 20 year old step-son, Louis, to suicide in 1995. Barbara and her husband, Marc, read about the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program® in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Third Serving and immediately determined that the Program should come to their community. They sponsored the Emmes to come and speak at a number of the local schools.

A strong bond has developed between the Emmes and the Lamoureuxs since Barbara and Marc launched the program in her community in 1997. Barbara is the Co-Founder of the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program of Canada® and is a national consultant and trainer. She helps other communities start and introduce the program to help save lives. The Yellow Ribbon Program® focuses on raising awareness of youth suicide. This is an all-out effort for further education, actions and advocacy toward prevention of suicide.

The simplicity of presentations and workshops coupled with the team work of counselors, staffs, teachers, social workers and clergy in your community and schools contribute to the program's incredible effectiveness.

For more information about costs and for booking a speaker call (780) 992-0299 or fax (780) 992-1736.

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