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Awareness & Understanding

Goal 1: Promote awareness in every part of Canada that suicide is our problem and is preventable.

· Nation-wide distribution of literature, YR cards and training materials. Yellow Ribbon uses mediums that appeal to the mainstream public:

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul #3
  • Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul
  • People Magazine
  • Family Circle
  • Woman’s World
  • Teen People
  • Oprah Winfrey Show
  • Internet, local newspaper & radio media

Goal 2: Develop broad-based support for suicide prevention and intervention

· YR collaborations exist world-wide: All provinces of Canada, 50 states and 47 countries

· YR does not displace or replace existing professionals/organizations, rather it collaborates and partners with them

· Through the use of school and public presentations & training programs, YR empowers the mainstream public (average Joe) to understand, aid and assist one another.

Goal 3: Develop and implement a strategy to reduce stigma, to be associated with all suicide prevention, intervention and bereavement activities

· Our message is that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign that you are human and “It’s OK to Ask 4 Help!”®

· Yellow Ribbon utilizes media campaigns and collaboration efforts with other suicide prevention programs and medical community organizations.

· YR advocates the use of school and public presentations & training programs to increase the awareness and reduce the stigma associated with suicide.

Goal 4: Increase media knowledge regarding suicide.

· Using CASP guidelines with all media to promote responsible reporting. Work with local media on location.

Prevention and Intervention

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Goal 1: Develop, implement and sustain community-based suicide prevention programs, respecting diversity and culture at local, regional, and provincial/territorial levels.

· Have developed a comprehensive community-based program that works well with different cultures and ethnic groups of all ages.

Goal 2: Reduce the availability and lethality of suicide methods.

· YR curriculum and program teaches that reducing access to lethal means is vital.

Goal 3: Increase training for recognition of risk factors, warning signs and at-risk behaviors and for provision of effective intervention, targeting key gatekeepers, volunteers and professionals.

· Developed curriculum for Elementary-age through Elderly.
· Offer gatekeeper training to target groups, teaching risk factors, warning signs and protective factors.

Goal 4: Develop and promote effective clinical and professional practice (effective strategies, standards of care) to support clients, families and communities.

· YR International partners with American Osteopathic Association in the US to develop and implement curriculum into all Osteopathic training institutions, colleges and universities

Goal 5: Improve access and integration with strong linkages between the continuum-of-care components/services/families.

· Works with communities and community members to help the community to improve access to help. Yellow Ribbon Collaborates!!

Goal 6: Prioritize intervention and service delivery for high-risk groups while respecting local, regional and provincial/territorial uniqueness.

· YR cards are recognized by trained professionals as a need for immediate attention and reminds people that help is available when they need it.

Goal 7: Increase crisis intervention and support.

· YR teaches awareness and assists people in crisis to seek available support
· YR would utilize a national crisis line on all YR cards
· YR Gatekeeper training increases the number of individuals able to assist those in crisis by teaching how to “Be a link®”

Goal 8: Increase services and support to those bereaved by suicide.

· It is through the passion and desire of survivors and teens, working together that has driven the YR program worldwide. Many survivors have started local YR chapters.
· YR encourages people to talk and gain understanding they are not alone.

Goal 9: Increase the number of primary prevention activities.

· YR collaborates with community agencies and other service providers to promote community wellness through the Be-A-Link®, Gatekeeper and Community Development training and workshops.

Knowledge Development and Transfer

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Goal 1: Improve and expand surveillance systems.

· YR International database holds over 45,000 entries containing suicide profiles. YR feels it is very important to be involved with the collection of data that will track trends, identify new problems, thus our databases (international office as well as chapter/program sites) are offered to assist in that surveillance project.

Goal 2: Promote & support the development of effective evaluation tools.

· YR is working with professionals to evaluate the program.
· YR has a strong survivor base to enhance links and communication between survivors, community resources and researchers to facilitate knowledge transfer.

Goal 3: Promote and develop suicide-related research.

· YR teaches risk factors, warning signs and protective factors in gatekeeper training to all ages.
· We work with Univ. of Rochester and other professional organizations to promote and support such research to show the current true profile of suicide and suicide prevention.

Goal 4: Increase opportunities for reporting.

· YR offers a Community Development Model, Gatekeeper and Be-A-Link® training and workshops

Funding and Support

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Goal 1: Increase funding and support for all activities connected with the CASP Blueprint for a Canadian National Suicide Prevention Strategy.

· YR supports & advocates all 19 goals of the Blueprint and encourages all collaborating agencies to do the same.

Goal 2: Ensure access to appropriate and adequate health, wellness and recovery services for all Canadians in keeping with the Canada Health Act.

· YR provides speaker, trainer, consultant and community development programs to help bring a comprehensive suicide prevention program to all communities.

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