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Comments from Teen (Youth)

A poem by Jennifer Lynn Hillman.

Having one of us once attempting suicide you have greatly encouraged us to speak out and keep going.
  Shalene & Brandy – Alberta

I've had my best friend try to commit suicide before and I would like to help prevent that from happening again!
  Kristin (14) – email from Ontario

I would like to say thanks because without you I don't think we would have found out about our friend. You could have just saved my friends life.
  ME – Alberta

Thank you for all that you have done with the Yellow Ribbon Program, it is great to know that someone will be there even when you think the world is not listening to you.
  Brett – Email from Alberta

I just had my best friend die two days ago. I guess suicide seemed like the only option. I wish she had had a yellow ribbon card.
  Student – Alberta

Now I know there is always someone I can talk to. I'm only 17 and have a long ways to go yet and I want to enjoy it, and the Yellow Ribbon Program will maybe help me one day.
  Emilie – email from BC

I want to thank you because you guys triggered something in my very best friend. You guys saved her life by saying something that made her cry and get noticed. Now she is getting help all thanks to you. I don't know how I could ever repay you guys.
  Student – Alberta

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Comments from Parents

I wish this would have been in place last year so that perhaps my son might have used his card but I hope and pray that it will prevent someone else from completing suicide.
  MH – Alberta

I recommend to any community wanting to initiate this excellent program that they work ... to launch the program. It's money well invested. Our children and community members are worth it!!
  Nancy Taylor, Parent Representative – Jasper, AB

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Comments from Teachers and School Personnel

On behalf of the staff and students at EAMS, I would like to thank you for the very informative and moving presentation you gave at our school. Your words brought home to the students the terrible consequence of suicide on the members of a family in a way that no number of newspaper articles could have done. Because of your presentation, we actually became aware of three of our students who were or who had been contemplating suicide.
  Gail Reed, Counselor, Ecole Airdrie Middle School – Airdrie, AB

Thank you for bringing us this powerful message of hope...I believe we all work together in a common goal: the effective preparation of our young people to face the challenges of life in the 21st century.
  Connie Wood, Student Services Counsellor,
  J.A. Williams High School – Lac La Biche, AB

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